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Understanding that capoeira is strongly rooted in an historical struggle for survival, freedom and dignity, the ABCA gives special consideration to its similar role in modern times. Specifically, the group offers an educational component through community outreach as well as within its own classes, incorporating the historical lessons of slavery and how they can continue to help us live better in our own communities. We work individually and in collaboration with other organizations to perform community outreach, presenting and teaching capoeira in schools and community centers, and performing for fundraisers to benefit a variety of local and international causes.

What we can do for you:
We can provide hands-on workshops in music education, history of Brazil and capoeira, and movement in addition to energetic performances. We provide engaging events for schools, universities, corporate settings, and social groups from one hour to a full day. We travel regularly throughout the region.
Contact abcapoeira@gmail.com for pricing.

ABCA partners include:

  • Boston Scientific, Roseville
  • Breck School, Minneapolis
  • Carlton College, Northfield
  • First Avenue Night Club, Minneapolis
  • Hands On Academy, Minneapolis
  • Minnesota Dance Alliance, Minneapolis
  • Minneapolis Park Board
  • North Senior High School, Minneapolis
  • Ordway Music Theater, Saint Paul
  • Ramsey Junior High School, Community Education Programs, Saint Paul
  • Resource Center of the Americas, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • Sheridan Elementary School, Minneapolis
  • Southwest High School, Minneapolis
  • Spanish/Portuguese Department, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
  • 10,000 Dances, Concordia College, Saint Paul
  • Todos Los Santos Church, Minneapolis
  • University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • Webster Beacon Program, Webster Elementary, Minneapolis
  • Whittier Community School for the Arts, Minneapolis
  • Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis